Community Projects

Aurora Real Estate Community Projects in Nicaragua

Our commitment to helping the community has brought us to support a variety of initiatives in and around San Juan del Sur. Our goal is to make a positive imprint in the lives of the local community.

Aurora Beachfront Realty is a proud sponsor of several local and national foundations geared to increase sustainable development and support of local communities. Giving back is part of the beauty of living in Nicaragua.

Communidad Connect

Comunidad Connect is an umbrella organization that oversees a variety of community projects in the San Juan del Sur area. Some of the most important project that it over sees are related to helping small businesses in town, granting support to the sports park, recycling programs aimed at raising funds from the selling of plastics, projects oriented around improving education and health and finally the volunteer program.

Saving start is a program that is run by Community Refund. The RE in this program stands for Real Estate. It is s project that raises funds from buyers, developers and real estate agencies looking to support local businesses in the area. The saving start initiative creates an opportunity for small business owners to save money during a 6 month period. During this time small business owners are put through investment courses that are designed to improve their entrepreneurial knowledge. The amount that is saved during the 6month period is then matched or doubled by the Community Refund. These proceeds are then used to re-invest into these small businesses.