Why Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is a democratic country that has had 4 peaceful transfers of power in the last 20 years. The stigma of its revolutionary past is quickly fading as the country embraces globalization. Nicaragua is also the safest country in Central America and one of the safest countries in Latin America; second only to Uruguay. The people of Nicaragua are also known for their kind and open attitude.

As a result of 20 consecutive years of revolution and counter-revolution throughout the 70’s and 80’s Nicaragua has gone from the largest economy to the smallest in Central America. The last few years have seen substancial growth and notable progress. As you drive around Managua or any other town you can see new buildings, offices, infrastructure, housing, etc. going up at a blinding pace.

Corn Island - Caribbean Coast, Nicaragua
This growth and stability has exposed one of Nicaragua’s most valuable resources, tourism. Along with constant growth in the economy, we have seen very rapid growth in tourism at 15-20% a year.

The main draws for tourists are the beautiful beaches, nature, eco-tourism, surfing, boating, and colonial towns like Granada and Leon. The weather and natural beauty of Nicaragua have also convinced many foreigners to stay and make Nicaragua their home. This has sparked instant demand for any property in Nicaragua deemed as a possible tourist destination.


The virgin natural beauty that Nicaragua offers is ripe for development. At the same time we don’t want to see Nicaragua get destroyed by greed and social disparity. Fortunately, Nicaragua’s past image as an unstable country kept major hotel chains out and other massive development from taking place. What has resulted is a slower, more sustainable growth that does not leave the community behind. Aurora Beachfront Realty partners on projects such as Community Refund and Comunidad Connect whose primary focus is to make sure that the local community is not left behind and problems created by social disparity are attended to from day one. When you visit San Juan del Sur you will feel a great sense of community, which we hope to preserve.

As a local brokerage firm in Nicaragua, Aurora Beachfront Realty place an emphasis on promoting real estate projects that are culturally sensitive and environmentally friendly. We are a selective real estate brokerage with a long business tradition in Nicaragua. Having excellent ties with both real estate developments and other businesses, Aurora’s legacy spans over 6 generations in Nicaragua. As the only locally owned brokerage in San Juan del Sur we offer honest, reliable and confidential real estate services on the entire Pacific coastline.


investment Incentives in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has passed a number of laws and incentives to attract foreign investment and it has worked. The GDP growth in 2004 surpassed expectations at 5.2%. This was higher than Costa Rica, Brazil, or Mexico.

These laws are many and varied, ranging from total tax exoneration for tourism related businesses (Law 306), free-trade zones for manufacturing companies, to retirement benefits for foreigners. These laws have been complemented by programs, which cut the bureaucracy involved to start corporations (now a 45 day process maximum). Outright Fee-Simple property ownership for foreigners can be obtained with just a valid passport.

Globalization has opened up a world of investment opportunities in the realm of real estate by removing geographic limitations from the trade.

In Nicaragua, with proper due diligence, owning property can be risk free. To provide greater security when purchasing land or homes in a new country we strongly recommend using title insurance service.

Most of our properties are pre-approved for title insurance. In the case that they are not we can facilitate this transaction.

One of the strongest companies in Nicaragua working in this area is The First American Corporation the second largest insurance company of this type. Servicing over $2 billion worldwide it has been helping investors in Nicaragua for more than 6 years. Until recently title insurance service was limited to a few areas of the world, namely the United States. Since then many countries have been approved for this type of service. Nicaragua for example, is one of 50 countries approved for the use of Title insurance worldwide.

Along with title insurance First American also offers escrow services working as an independent neutral holder that guarantees availability of funds for both buyer and seller.

Title insurance policy also provides indemnity protection and duty of defense.


Land of Lakes and Volcanos

The distinctive landscapes in Nicaragua are what gives the name “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”. The majestic panoramas of giant volcanoes, rivers, rolling hills, crystal clear crater lagoons, tropical vegetation, and large fresh water lakes leave a definite impression on visitors.

In a one hour drive you can go from a 500 year old colonial city to the top of a volcano covered in virgin rain forest and then end up on an empty white sand beach with great surfing. There really is no place that compares.

Nicaragua is a country blessed with an abundance of natural resources. One of its most coveted assets is its beach real estate located in the south Pacific region of Nicaragua. With over 300 kms of beachfront real estate, Nicaragua has infinite potential in the realm of real estate development.

The world class coastline of the Southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua is blessed with virgin landscapes adorned with coves and rock outcroppings that are both unique and inspiring. This area of Nicaragua is similar to that of California’s Sur regions and Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region.

The tourism and real estate industry of Nicaragua have experienced tremendous growth in the past 3 years. Most of this growth has been seen in Nicaragua’s premier beach real estate areas, which are concentrated in both Tola and San Juan del Sur.

Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes but it is also home to the most beautiful undiscovered beaches in all of Central America. Nicaragua presents an emerging real estate market that will grow as more and more retirees and vacationers find their new dream homes in this undiscovered paradise. New technologies like high-speed internet, satellite television and voice over phone technology are making living on Nicaragua’s Pacific a comfortable and pleasurable experience. The incoming baby boom retirement, which will ripen in the next 4 to 5 years, will ensure great returns for those who invest in Nicaragua’s real estate before it goes mainstream.

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